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Frequently Asked Questions and a few thoughts...

The following is intended to address questions, situations, and scenarios that we've encountered in wedding photography. We hope they prove useful to you in your planning.

How many photos can I expect?
Every wedding is different, so it's hard to give a specific number. Typically, you will receive about 65 photos per "useful hour" of photography. The amount of  action in your wedding, and, willingness of everyone involved can affect the number of shots taken & delivered. It all depends on the specifics of your event and day.  

When will we receive our Photos?
We complete all of our editing and post-production in about 4-6 weeks. We do offer 5 day rush processing as an option for our couples.  Ask us for details.

We REALLY get our photos on a USB drive? No Gimmicks?
No gimmicks. Honest.  Your final set of images are released to you at full resolution on DVD or flash media.  You have complete print/publish rights, and a written agreement from us saying so. No watermarks, no restrictions, no kidding.

Can we have the raw images / digital negatives?
We shoot in RAW format, which is essentially a digital negative. It’s from these RAW images that we derive your final, edited set. Raw images in of themselves are not representative of our finished product, and as we are ultimately judged by the product that we produce, we insist on having quality control over the finished product. As such, we do not offer the digital negatives to our clients.

Can we give you a list?
We will gladly accept a list of family and friends needed for formals. It’s a very helpful tool.
Your input, your ideas and inspiration are crucial to a successful shoot but we respectfully ask that you do not send us a lengthy Pinterest list.  Pinetrest tends to be a disjointed grouping of ideal shots and ideal situations. If we can collectively recreate those scenarios...wonderful. However, Let your wedding, and your photos, be yours. If you like what you see on our website, on facebook, or in our galleries, trust us to do what's best for your particular day.

Alright then, how can I get great pictures?
Time management, planning and communication is critical.
Talk to us. Tell us what you like. Tell us about your venue and ideas for locations.
Plan your day for photos and allow plenty of time and let us help manage your time accordingly.  Have a few locations in mind and plan for travel.
We cannot stress this enough: Planning is key.  We want your photos to be amazing! Also, It's much easier for us to be creative when dealing only with a few people. To get really spectacular bride and groom portraits plan for some private time without the group. The #1 mistake that most couples will make is rushing through the day. When we're forced to stack all the photos into just a few minutes, they look formulaic.  The best images that you see on our website were the result of great planning, allowing enough time, and not spontaneous good luck.

What kind of equipment do you use? What about backup equipment? 
Our equipment is all pro level gear & brand is really a matter of preference. We ALWAYS carry back up gear.

Can I meet with you in advance of my wedding day?
Of course! It's not required, but we're glad to offer it. We cover a LOT or territory, and meeting with us in person isn’t always convenient. In fact, more often than not, because of the distances involved, we spend a good deal of time corresponding by email and phone versus meeting face to face. Still, we’d love to see you! We enthusiastically encourage you to email or call during the planning phase; we are always happy to help.

Do you travel?
Indeed!  Home base is Lancaster Pennsylvania, but we travel extensively; from all shore points in the east to well beyond Harrisburg to the west; Washington DC to the south and the Poconos to the north. We frequently photograph weddings and engagements in the Philadelphia suburbs, Reading, Wilmington De. and Maryland. We include the first 90 minutes of travel at no cost . Longer distances are subject to a travel cost, all depending on your location.

Do you take "table shots
We don't encourage "table shots" for a very good reason... As a generalization, guests feel very pressured and awkward in these situations. If you would like "table shot" photographs, we recommend that you visit the tables at your reception or cocktail hour, and have your guests pose with you. They are always more receptive to the couple than a photographer alone.

What are your payment terms?
We ask 50% of your package total at the time of booking, with the remainder due two weeks before your event. We accept check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover & American Express.